HomeThe Naina Redhu Experience #WorkshopsByNaina 30th June
The Naina Redhu Experience #WorkshopsByNaina 30th June
The Naina Redhu Experience #WorkshopsByNaina 30th June

The Naina Redhu Experience #WorkshopsByNaina 30th June

Start Date:
Jun 30, 2018 5:30 AM
End Date:
Jun 30, 2018 8:30 AM
Product Description

SOLD OUT ( Please subscribe to my newsletter if you'd like early updates for the next one : naina.co/blog It shows up as a pop-up on the blog or you can find it on the sidebar.)

The first edition of The Naina Redhu Experience, on-ground event. It's like The Naina Redhu Experience podcast, but personal and face-to-face.

For 03 hours, we will be covering : photography + online brand building + primer on Influencer Marketing.

Date : 30th June, Saturday ( 11am to 2pm) City : Gurgaon ( exact location details will be shared privately on email once you sign up - will be indoors, air-conditioned - most-probably a conference-room ) No meals are included. Tea / Coffee / Drinking water will be available.

No Refunds ( transferable to another workshop at a later date or another attendee - pricing may vary ).

Bring a laptop / camera / phone - you can get all of these or at least one device that can make pictures. If you don't have editing software on your laptop, put some on your phone - you don't necessarily need a DSLR to make photos, even for a brand. Some examples of editing software will be shared in the workshop.

Video recording will not be permitted at the workshop. Feel free to take photos, as many as you want.

Outline of the day :

  • We will begin at 1100 hrs ( 11:00 am ) and spend 15 minutes introducing each other and I will make #EyesForPeople portraits - you'll get to see how I use light / background / frame the picture etc.

  • 1115 hrs ( 11:15 a.m. ) onwards, we will spend time discussing image-making / selection / editing.

  • By 1215 hrs ( 12:15 p.m. ), we will be ready to move onto the online brand building part & will discuss Editorial Calendars / sharing online etc.

  • By 1300 hrs ( 1:00 p.m. ), we will move onto handling communication online & a primer on Influencer Marketing.

  • At 1330 hrs ( 1:30 p.m. ), we will review / ask questions ( questions can be asked during the workshop as well, but we will keep that brief because time flies! )

  • At 1400 hrs ( 2:00 p.m. ), we will close the workshop and can leave.

The conference room will be booked till 1445 hrs ( 2:45 p.m. ) to accommodate unforeseen delays. The workshop will start on time. Please be there by 1050 hrs ( 10:50 a.m. ).

Once all spots are filled, I will email basic questions to understand each attendee's requirements and tailor the content further so that it is most relevant.

Each attendee will also receive :

  1. Their own #EyesForPeople portrait ( see eyesforpeople.com for examples of portraits ) - this will be a digital file and you will have full licensing rights to do with the image as you please.

  2. A shout-out on Instagram ( my main feed - as part of a carousel post or a single update in the form of a portrait or a group photograph ). The attendee's Instagram account will be tagged - if you are a brand / small-business owner, your business' handle will also be tagged.

  3. A link to your social media / blog / website in the blog post that will be published on www.naina.co

For more details / discussion / future updates, join the Facebook group - all instant updates, date announcements, locations, first dibs etc.


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